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Re: Trump’s Judicial Picks and ‘Diversity’

A follow-up to this post:

For the Left, “diversity” seems to refer only to skin color or various matters of sex. In an excellent speech I attended last month, Beth Williams, the assistant attorney general heading the Office of Legal Policy at the Department of Justice, remarked on the diverse “life experience” of various of President Trump’s appellate nominees:

Judge Amy Barrett, when she’s not a star professor at Notre Dame and now judge on the Seventh Circuit, is a mother of seven—yes, seven—children, including two she and her husband adopted from Haiti and one who has special needs.

Judge David Stras is the grandson of Holocaust survivors, who raised him never to forget the horrors of Kristallnacht.

Judge Stephanos Bibas grew up bussing tables at his family restaurant, learning about America from his father who hid from the Nazis on a Greek island.

John Nalbandian’s mother was born in a Japanese internment camp in Gila, Arizona.

Judge Don Willett grew up in a trailer, raised by a single mom who worked as a waitress at a truck stop to make ends meet.

His colleague on the Fifth Circuit, Judge Jim Ho, was born in Taiwan and learned English from Sesame Street.

(Again, these examples are all drawn from Trump’s appellate nominees. Had she looked to the much more numerous district-court nominees, she surely would have had much, much more to highlight.)


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