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Southern California Events on Scalia Speaks

I return to my native southern California next week for a series of events on Scalia Speaks and Justice Scalia’s legacy.

On the evening of Tuesday, February 13—the second anniversary of Scalia’s death—I will speak to the Orange County chapter of Legatus.

At noon on Wednesday, February 14 (which doubles this year as Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday), I will take part in “Recollections of Justice Scalia,” sponsored by the Los Angeles lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society. Judge Carolyn Kuhl and former Scalia law clerks Dan Collins and Henry Weissmann will also take part. (I am assured that plenty of small tuna sandwiches will be available for those observing the Ash Wednesday fast and abstinence.)

At noon on Thursday, February 15, I will discuss Scalia Speaks with the Orange County lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society. More info here.

At noon on Friday, February 16, I will do the same with the San Diego lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society. Info here.

That Friday afternoon and evening, I look forward to taking part in the ninth annual Originalism Works-in-Progress conference sponsored by the University of San Diego law school’s Center for the study of Constitutional Originalism.



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