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Scalia Speaks Notes

1. Here’s a 12-minute podcast in which I discuss Scalia Speaks with Bloomberg BNA’s Patrick Gregory and Kimberly Robinson. I enjoyed the discussion and hope you do.

2. Yesterday’s inaugural event for Scalia Speaks at Antonin Scalia Law School went well. My co-editor Christopher Scalia and I thank Dean Henry Butler and law professor Helen Alvaré for joining us. I’m pleased to report that we exhausted the bookstore’s entire supply of Scalia Speaks. (Note to law-school bookstores: Order a lot of copies.)

3. On the Corner, my Ethics and Public Policy Center colleague Yuval Levin hails Scalia Speaks as an “extraordinary collection of speeches” that “offer a powerful portrait of a great public figure and thinker”—“an intellectual feast and at the same time great fun to read.”

4. Scalia Speaks continues to rank very high on Amazon’s list of over one million books—it’s #149 as I write this. The hardcover remains the #1 Best Seller in the category “United States Judicial Branch,” with Kindle and audiobook #2 and #3.


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