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Schumer Smears Judicial Nominee Thomas Farr

A cloture vote on the nomination of Thomas A. Farr to a federal district judgeship in North Carolina should take place this week, so that’s Democratic leader Chuck Schumer’s cue to resume the Left’s smears of Farr. I’ve already refuted those smears in these posts, and I see no point in highlighting them in order to refute them again.

I’ll instead simply reiterate that the American Bar Association’s judicial-evaluations committee, after an extensive investigation into Farr’s qualifications, awarded him a unanimous “well qualified” rating. According to the ABA Backgrounder, that rating means that the ABA committee determined (among other things) that Farr has the “highest reputation for integrity” and “demonstrate[s] the capacity for sound judicial temperament,” including “freedom from bias and commitment to equal justice under the law.” Schumer himself has hailed the ABA’s evaluation as “the gold standard by which judicial candidates are judged.” So it’s beyond contemptible for Schumer to smear Farr as a racist.

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