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SCOTUS to Review HHS Mandate Again in Little Sisters of the Poor, et al. v. Burwell and Other Cases

This afternoon the Supreme Court granted review of the Obama Administration’s controversial contraceptive mandate in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Burwell, consolidating the case with seven similar cases. Little Sisters involves a group of nuns who object to assisting in the provision of contraceptives in violation of their religious convictions. The other plaintiffs run the gamut from bishops to religious colleges.

I filed an amicus brief earlier this year noting the irrationality of the Administration’s mandate, which treats churches differently from the Little Sisters of the Poor. This differential treatment is especially bizarre because the nuns’ vocation – which is no less constitutionally protected than that of a church – is providing medical care to the elderly homeless and indigent. You can find my guide to the other amicus briefs in Little Sisters here


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