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Senate Democrats’ Script Against Supreme Court Nominee

We don’t know yet who President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee will be, but we can be fairly certain that, irrespective of the evidence, Senate Democrats will denounce the nominee:

– for supposedly not having shown “a sufficient commitment to the core constitutional values at the heart of our democracy”;

– for having a record that “raise[s] troubling questions about the depth of his commitment to the role of the Supreme Court and Congress in protecting individual rights and liberties under the Constitution”;

– for having a “particularly troubling” record on civil rights and for making “reactionary arguments”;

– for not being “genuinely concerned about the rights of women”;

– for “alarming” views on Roe v. Wade; and

– for working “to turn back the clock on the historic progress of recent decades.”

These specific charges, as it happens, were all leveled by Senator Ted Kennedy against … David Souter in 1990.

Addendum: Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has posted a sampling of the Left’s attacks on Supreme Court nominees John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedy, and Souter.