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I’m sorry to say that, with recent changes to NRO’s content-management system and a recent revamping of the website of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (the think tank I head), many of the hyperlinks embedded in my past Bench Memos posts and in my essays—especially hyperlinks to my own previous writings—are temporarily not working properly. I hope to get things fixed soon. (In the meantime, I’ve heard from some readers eager to locate material via inoperative hyperlinks, and I’ve been able to help with some work-arounds, so if that’s your situation, please let me know.)  

My RSS feed has changed to (To receive reader-friendly NRO posts of mine from this service, you will need to enter this address into whichever RSS reader you use.)


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Stalin Dies Again

Stalin Dies Again

A crazed cult of personality or really good acting? Restored footage shows how the Soviet Union reacted to Uncle Joe’s demise in the doc State Funeral.