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Texas Exes Apologizes for Smearing Justice Scalia

As I recounted in The American Spectator, and here, the University of Texas alumni organization (of which I am a Life Member) denounced Justice Scalia for a question he asked during the December 9 oral argument in Fisher v. UT, irresponsibly calling his remark “racist and offensive.” I promptly demanded a retraction and apology, which Texas Exes’s vice president of digital strategy, Tim Taliaferro, stridently refused. (The entire e-mail exchange is reproduced in the TAS piece.) I went public (as I had threatened to do if an apology was not forthcoming), and within days, the President of Texas Exes issued an apology. Tepid? Yes. Inadequate? Undoubtedly. (Taliaferro should have been fired.) But gratifying? Certainly. Even the most politically correct, Left-leaning alumni organizations can be confronted and forced to back down if only vocal members speak up. As I stated in my previous Bench Memos post, “silence is assent.” Texas Exes is eating crow. Make it happen at your alma mater.

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