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There’s Reason to Cheer Horne v. Flores Today

Here’s the Center for Equal Opportunity’s press release: 

The Center for Equal Opportunity praised the Supreme Court’s decision today in Horne v. Flores.  In it, the Court ruled 5-4 that the lower courts applied an incorrect legal standard in forcing the state of Arizona to continue funding an expensive bilingual education program.

CEO president and general counsel Roger Clegg noted that Justice Alito’s majority opinion cited an amicus brief filed by CEO:  “Research on [English-Language Learner] instruction indicates there is documented, academic support for the view that [structured English immersion] is significantly more effective than bilingual education.”

CEO chairman Linda Chavez, one of the nation’s foremost experts on — and critics of — bilingual education, said:  “Voters in California, Arizona, and Massachusetts have recognized the failure of bilingual education in performing the number-one job of our public schools, which is to teach children English so they can succeed in 21st century America.  It is gratifying that the Supreme Court today recognizes this as well.”