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The Delusion of Transgender Prisoner Rights

When transgender prisoner Robert Kosilek’s decade-long legal quest for a sex-change operation at taxpayer expense ended in failure with the SCOTUS’s May 4, 2015 denial of cert in his appeal from an unfavorable en banc decision of the First Circuit, and almost simultaneously Jeffrey Norsworthy—also a transgender prisoner serving a life sentence for murder—was abruptly paroled with his genitals intact, ending his Eighth Amendment litigation seeking a sex-change operation while incarcerated, observers could understandably conclude that the cause of transgender prisoner rights had been dealt a setback.  Unfortunately, the LGBT agenda marches on, impersonating the civil rights movement of the 1960s. I discuss the latest developments in this ongoing battle in a piece just posted by The American Spectator, “The Delusion of Transgender Prisoner Rights: A Canary in the Cultural Coal Mine.” Ignoring the transgender prisoner rights movement will not make it go away.


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