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Here is my revised schedule of upcoming speaking engagements. Except as otherwise noted, these relate to Scalia Speaks (the highly acclaimed, and New York Times bestselling, collection of Justice Scalia’s speeches that I’ve co-edited). If you’re interested in working in another event with me when I’m in your part of the country—whether on Scalia Speaks, judicial nominations, or any other topic—please let me know.

3/7 University of Dallas (afternoon)

3/8 SMU/Federalist Society (lunch)

3/10 Federalist Society student symposium, Georgetown (booksigning only)

3/12 UC Berkeley/Federalist Society (lunch)

3/13 San Francisco/Federalist Society (evening)

3/14 San Francisco (private event/lunch)

3/14 Silicon Valley/Federalist Society (evening)

3/19 D.C. law firm

3/20 Vanderbilt/Federalist Society (lunch)

3/20 Nashville/Federalist Society (evening)

3/21 Houston/Federalist Society (lunch)

3/21 Houston/St. Thomas More Society (evening)

3/22 South Texas College of Law/Federalist Society (lunch)

3/28 Cincinnati/Federalist Society (lunch)

3/29 Columbus/Federalist Society (lunch)

4/5 Akron/Federalist Society (lunch)

4/5 Case Western/Federalist Society (afternoon)

4/13 Baton Rouge/Federalist Society (lunch/judicial nominations)

4/14 New Orleans (American Academy of Appellate Lawyers – judicial nominations)

4/24 Kansas City/Federalist Society (lunch)

4/25 University of Missouri/Federalist Society (lunch)

4/26 St. Louis/Federalist Society (lunch)

6/4 Supreme Court Historical Society

6/7 Denver/Federalist Society (lunch)

6/7 Colorado Springs/Mountain States Legal Foundation (evening)

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