Bench Memos

Utah Events on the Transnationalist Threat

This coming Thursday, Feb. 11 (if the weather will have permitted me to escape from the D.C. area), I will be in Utah to speak on the threat to fundamental American principles that legal transnationalism poses (the topic of, among other things, my series of posts on Harold Koh’s nomination to be State Department legal adviser).  At noon I will speak at BYU law school (JCRB 205; lunch served), and at 3:00 I will speak at the University of Utah law school (room 105).  Each event is sponsored by the law school’s Federalist Society chapter.

And, yes, it’s no coincidence that I will be in Utah at the height of the ski season, nor is my 13-year-old son’s, er, interest in hearing me speak on this topic his primary motivator for accompanying me on the trip.