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‘Very Smelly’ at Harvard Law School

At a Harvard law school event on April 14, a Harvard law student later identified as Husam El-Qoulaq (also rendered El-Coolaq and El-Quolaq) posed this question to former Israeli minister Tzipi Livni:

My question is for Tzipi Livni—how is it that you are so smelly?

When his question induced puzzlement, El-Qoulaq followed up:

It’s regarding your odor—about the odor of Tzipi Livni, very smelly.

Things would indeed appear to be, figuratively, very smelly at Harvard law school—certainly not because of Ms. Livni or any other visitors to the campus but because of lefty activists like El-Qoulaq and the law school’s pandering to them.

Amazingly, the initial response, both from the law school and from many of El-Qoulaq’s fellow students, was to try to cover up El-Qoulaq’s identity. The law school even edited El-Qoulaq’s questions out of the video of the event.

Once El-Qoulaq was identified, he issued a ridiculous pseudo-apology in which he stated that he was “absolutely horrified” that anyone might think he called anyone a “smelly Jew.”

Yes, this is the same law-school administration, led by panderer-in-chief Martha Minow, that covered up an obvious hate-crime hoax even as it hyped the supposed hate crime to students and alumni—and that now appears to have tried to investigate and identify the anonymous student bloggers who expose the hoax.

Not surprisingly, Minow’s pandering has sent a clear signal to the student protesters that she will not punish but will instead reward bad behavior. Thus, it is only fitting, as this video illustrates (especially from around the 3-minute mark to the 10-minute mark), that Harvard law students recently rudely disrupted an event at Brandeis University at which Minow was being awarded a prize and, in a long series of chants and statements, called her a hypocrite, “disingenuous,” “constantly condescending,” and offered a host of other criticisms.  


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