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What Scott McClellan Had to Say About the FedSoc Testimony Today

QUESTION: “I’m just asking if those continue to be her views to this day, that she believes the Federalist Society is a politically charged organization that she would not take membership in; and that if she still believes that the NAACP…”

MCCLELLAN: “Well, Harriet Miers has been supportive of the Federalist Society, including participating in events and giving a speech to the Society last spring.

“I know she’s proud that a number of her attorneys on her own staff are members of the Federalist Society. And she, like the rest of the White House, knows that the Federalist Society has been a great ally on many important issues, particularly when it comes to the federal judiciary.

“It’s an organization that advocates a strong and distinguished federal judiciary. And she’s spoken to them about that and expressed her appreciation for what they do.”


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