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Witherspoon Institute Summer Seminars

Two seminars on legal topics will be offered this summer by the Witherspoon Institute’s Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution, which I direct.

The first is our biennial Church and State Seminar, for untenured faculty and postdoctoral scholars in history, law, politics, and religion, held July 28 to August 1 on the campus of Princeton Theological Seminary.  Examining the relations of church and state, and the law and politics of religious freedom, in the American revolutionary and founding period, this seminar will be led by distinguished scholars of history, law and politics, and theology: Daniel Dreisbach (American University), Thomas Kidd (Baylor University), and Gerald McDermott (Roanoke College).  For more information, including how to apply, go here.

The second is our annual Moral Foundations of Law Seminar, led by NRO familiar Gerard Bradley of Notre Dame law school.  Open to rising 2L and 3L students in law school, LLM and JSD candidates, and students of jurisprudence and legal philosophy in related fields, this seminar will be held August 4 to 8 on the campus of Princeton University.  In recent years we’ve had impressive numbers of international students in this seminar, which has enriched the experience.  The faculty leading the seminar will also include John Finnis (Oxford and Notre Dame), Robert P. George (Princeton), Adam MacLeod (Faulkner University), and yours truly.  For more information, including how to apply, go here.

While I’m at it, Witherspoon offers a battery of other seminars, offered to high school students, to undergrad and grad students in various fields, and even to medical students.  More links to information here.

Matthew J. Franck — Matthew J. Franck is the Director of the William E. and Carol G. Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution at the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, New Jersey.

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