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Witherspoon Summer Seminars

For interested students at various levels and in various subjects, I note that the Witherspoon Institute, where I direct the Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution, conducts several seminars each summer.  The Institute’s Schreyer Summer Seminars are still accepting applications for the following:

Moral Life and the Classical Tradition (high school students), June 19-25.

Medical Ethics in the 21st Century (medical and graduate students), June 19-25.

Marriage, Family, and the Social Sciences: The Family and the Market (graduate students), June 22-26.

First Principles: Natural Law in History (advanced undergrads and graduate students), July 31-August 13.

The Philosophy of Peter Geach and Thomas Aquinas (graduate students), August 7-13. [UPDATE: deadline has passed for this seminar.]

Moral Foundations of Law (graduate and law students), August 7-13.

(The deadline for the Islam and Religious Freedom seminar has already passed.)

Matthew J. Franck — Matthew J. Franck is the Director of the William E. and Carol G. Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution at the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, New Jersey.

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