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Woke Federal Court Staff Wanted

You might think that those who administer the federal courts would be keen to attract staffers who could be trusted to carry out their duties impartially. But the Fourth Circuit, in its announcement for a position of appeals case manager, somehow sees fit to state that it “prides itself on being a collegial, collaborative, and progressive organization” and that it wants “strong candidates who share our vision and passion.”

Further, rather than providing the customary assurance that it is an “equal opportunity employer” that does not “discriminate” against applicants based on race or various other grounds, the hiring office states that it is “an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity and inclusion.” It thus signals that it will discriminate against applicants in order to advance those “values” of “diversity and inclusion.”

Given the hijinks and bias that have occurred in federal judicial administration, I can’t say that I’m surprised. If only judicial bureaucrats were content to “make[] a difference in administering justice” by being impartial and efficient.


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