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Wooden Praise

This puff piece in today’s Washington Post on Supreme Court candidate Diane Wood somehow manages to discuss her 2001 ruling in NOW v. Scheidler without mentioning her outrageous defiance of the Court’s 8-1 reversal of that ruling.  Wood’s willful lawlessness triggered a second Supreme Court reversal—that time unanimous—and is powerful evidence that she is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.

The Post article quotes lavish praise of Wood from “Chicago lawyer Fay Clayton”:

She’s as bright as Posner and Easterbrook and really holds her own, and I think she would hold her own with the great intellects on the high court as well….  Everything she does is based on precedent and statutory construction and the facts.

Although you won’t learn it from the Post article, Fay Clayton was—you guessed it?—counsel for the National Organization for Women in NOW v. Scheidler

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