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YouTube Justice

As he clearly signaled, Judge Vaughn Walker is carrying through on his outrageous plan to intimidate witnesses supporting Proposition 8.  In an unprecedented action, Walker has authorized (subject to Ninth Circuit approval, which his eager accomplice, chief judge Alex Kozinski, will surely soon provide) televised recordings of the trial proceedings, which will be made available—for viewing and for further dissemination—on YouTube. 

I doubt that Walker could design a better way to promote harassment of trial participants supporting Proposition 8 and to turn the trial into a circus.  His “immediate need” rationale for modifying the rule barring televised coverage is simply ludicrous.  As I hope to explain more fully soon, this decision should not be permitted to go into effect.

According to the article linked above, Walker stated at today’s hearing, “I’ve always thought that if the public could see how the judicial process works, they would take a somewhat different view of it.”  We’re seeing it now, Judge, and it’s having a very different effect than you evidently imagine.

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