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Southwick Floor Action

Senate majority leader Harry Reid said last Friday that Senate floor action on the nomination of Judge Leslie Southwick to a supposed Mississippi seat on the Fifth Circuit may occur as early as tomorrow.  As this article indicates, it’s unclear at this point whether Democrats will try to filibuster the nomination and, if so, whether they would have the votes to succeed.


The vicious campaign of lies and distortions against Judge Southwick is all the more difficult to fathom because Judge Southwick—unlike, say, the previous nominee for the seat, Michael B. Wallace (and unlike other nominees I won’t name who have received a pass from the Left and been confirmed without controversy)—is not a figure in conservative circles.  What Judge Southwick is, from all the available evidence, is a fine judge of strong intellect and sterling character who is amply qualified (as the ABA’s unanimous “well qualified” rating attests) for the position to which he has been nominated. 


I haven’t reviewed Judge Southwick’s judicial record beyond the cases that the Left has misrepresented.  Folks like me who are making the case for his confirmation are doing so out of a conviction that the lies of the Left should not defeat a good and decent and fully qualified nominee, not from any belief (much less a well-founded belief) that Judge Southwick will be a champion of conservative jurisprudential principles.

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