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Corner readers have been absolutely fantastic about supporting HR 3077, the bill that would reform the system of government subsidies to Middle East Studies (i.e. “Title VI” reform). Thanks in great part to your support, we’ve gotten a good bill safely through the House. But as I predicted, the higher education lobby is now putting tremendous pressure on the Senate to gut the bill. For more on how they plan to do it, see the latest posting by Martin Kramer at his blog, Sandstorm. If you want to help, here’s what you can do. If you haven’t already written your Senators calling on them to support HR 3077 without dilution, please do so. But you can also help by writing Senator Judd Gregg. Senator Gregg heads the Senate Education committee and will be in charge of HR 3077. Gregg’s been great on higher education issues–even holding hearings on the problem of bias in the academy. But there’s no doubt that he is coming–and will continue to come–under enormous pressure from the higher education lobby to gut this bill. It’s important that Senator Gregg understand that there are many who want to see this bill pass, who are watching its progress closely, and who want him to hold firm. So please do consider writing to Senator Gregg and urging him to hold fast on HR 3077. Tell him not to let this bill be gutted. Here is an e-mail link to Gregg’s office. They say they will only respond to e-mails with a New Hampshire address, but e-mails from elsewhere may at least get through. If your e-mail bounces back, try calling Gregg’s office at (202) 224-3324. Actually calls can be even more effective than e-mail. But both are great. And again, you can contact your own Senators if you’d prefer not to contact Gregg. If you want a refresher on the issue, read my “Studying Title VI.” Understand, this bill is the very first time we have ever had an opportunity to actually do something about bias on campus. If we lose this fight, after our prospects of winning seemed good, we will probably never be able to defeat the higher education lobby again.

Stanley Kurtz — Stanley Kurtz is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

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