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36 Days Till Christmas — NR Kids Books Contain No Lead Paint!

If you want to get the wee ones something safe and wholesome for Christmas, we suggest both volumes of The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories, which we’re making available for only $29.95 as part of a 2-for1 special offer. That’s right, you get both of these beautiful hardcover books — each containing ten delightful animal tales by the great Thornton Burgess, each brimming with over two dozen enchanting illustrations by the renowned Harrison Cady — for a total cost of only $29.95, which includes shipping and handling. Want to send them as a gift? We’re happy to do such for you — we’ll even include a handsome gift announcement card, with any personal message you desire. Combined these two volumes offer 700 pages of terrific tales that are ideal for new and beginning readers. And for younger kids, well, the stories are perfect stories that mom, dad, and grandparents can read as a prelude to the sweetest of dreams. Order here.   And for older kids, why not try both volumes of The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature — also available in our 2-for-1 special / $29.95 offer. Order here.

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