An Awkward Moment

Boy, these Herman Cain revelations are horrifying. The Des Moines Register has the inside scoop from “conservative radio host” Steve Deace:

During his Oct. 3 broadcast in Iowa, Deace mentioned that Cain made a comment to a woman who was there to report on the radio interview for another news agency.

“Cain said, ‘Darling, do you mind doctoring my tea for me?’” Deace said.

Deace told the Register last month that he believes Cain was talking about adding honey and lemon, but that it was an awkward moment.

I can well believe it. A tea needs doctoring like a woman needs a bicycle. Clearly such a man has no place in public life. Although, come to think of it, this Deace fellow sounds awfully patriarchal and proprietorial about “my female staffers”…

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