Ayn Rand Villains at Large

Ellsworth Toohey apparently has been hired to write headlines for Eliot Spitzer at Slate:

Romney’s Idea of “Freedom” Is Perverse and Frightening

And, if that’s not enough for you it’s also

narrow, selfish, ahistorical, and scary.

I’m pretty sure Wesley Mouch is on the payroll over there, too.

Mr. Spitzer, not the most original thinker in the history of the Democratic party, resurrects FDR’s “Four Freedoms” speech to contrast it with Mitt Romney’s recent speech to the NRA. Which is to say, he rehearses the very old debate between negative liberty (“Congress shall make no law . . .”) and positive liberty (“And here’s a nice check for you, Mrs. Jones!”) FDR was a positive-liberty guy. The Founding Fathers were negative-liberty guys. Mr. Spitzer’s criticism is in essence that Mitt Romney is less New Deal and more Bill of Rights. I’m sure Mr. Romney will take that criticism happily.

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