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The Beeb’s Crystal Ball

The BBC is covering the elections as if Chicago had its own MP. The hourly bulletin at noon Eastern reported that voting was underway, the election would be close, but figures (not “polling data,” mind you) already showed Obama ahead in key states. That’s the bad news for people who want accurate reporting, but glad tidings for Obama supporters for whom wishes are news. Meanwhile, at the BBC News website, where they’re live-blogging their reports, this unexpected item:

1320: From BBC’s Helena Merriman in Chicago: Just met a woman leaving a polling station. Last time around she voted for Obama. This time she says she and everyone she knows voted for Romney as they were so disappointed in Obama.

Not sure how that made it past the editors. BBC Radio 4 is providing coverage tonight, starting at 7 p.m. Eastern — along with the shipping forecast and the Archers, presumably.

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