Biden Phones the Wrong Marty Walsh

Vice President Joe Biden got mixed up in a case of mistaken identity Tuesday night, according to the Boston Globe.

After Mass. state representative Marty Walsh (D) won the mayoralty of Boston Tuesday evening, Biden phoned him to congratulate him on his victory.

“You son of a gun, Marty!” Biden said. “You did it!”

The only problem was that the Marty Walsh he had rung was not the mayor-elect of Boston. Instead, he’d contacted Marty Walsh, a former aide for U.S. senator Ted Kennedy and current president of Boston-based government-relations firm Gateway Public Solutions. At the time, Walsh was sitting on his couch watching the other Walsh win the election. The Marty Walsh Biden meant to speak with was in the Park Plaza Hotel, celebrating. 

In Biden’s defense, he wasn’t the only Democrat to call the wrong Marty Walsh yesterday evening; Walsh says he fielded a voicemail from Minneapolis mayor and vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee R.T. Rybak, as well as Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the DNC’s chairwoman.

Walsh said he expects more such phone calls in the future.

“We’re a dime a dozen in Boston,” Walsh said of residents with whom he shares a name. “I probably know eight Marty Walshes.”

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