Brave Sir Willard

Nice to see that Willard Mitt can make the tough calls:

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney says he would deport President Barack Obama’s uncle, who police said was arrested in August for drunken driving near Boston and is an illegal immigrant.

Nary a word from “Say Anything” Mitt about the “payroll tax” fight, in which the inept Republican leadership has been sandbagged by Obama and the Democrats not once but twice. Mr. Bain Capital has bigger fish to fry.

In an interview with Boston radio host Howie Carr on Wednesday, Romney said “yes” when asked if Onyango Obama should be deported. Romney at first did not recognize the name, but said the nation’s immigration laws should be enforced.

Onyango Obama is the 67-year-old half-brother of the president’s late father. His case is pending in Framingham, Mass., District Court.

Speaking of Brave Sir Willard, my former Breitbart colleague Mike Flynn noted this salient fact about Mitt’s “electability” the other day in endorsing Rick Perry over at Big Government:

Supporters of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have to face one inconvenient truth; they both failed when given the chance to govern… 

Mitt Romney only served one-term as Governor of Massachusetts because he wasn’t going to win reelection. Keep in mind that Romney’s term followed twelve years of GOP rule on Beacon Hill. Massachusetts voters were in something of a habit, since 1990, of voting for Republicans for Governor. That streak ended with Mitt. And, there were fewer Republican state legislators when he left office than when he entered it.

Worse, though, is what he did in that one term; RomneyCare. I lobbied against RomneyCare. It is, fundamentally, the blueprint for much of ObamaCare. It is already far more expensive than lawmakers promised and is negatively effecting the health care market in Massachusetts. And, Romney is STILL proud of it. His official portrait for Governor even features Romney sitting next to a copy of the bill! He continues to defend a state-level individual mandate and even promises to retain the “good parts” of ObamaCare. I, frankly, didn’t know there were “good parts”.

It’s hard to judge Romney on the other issues, because he’s had every position on just about all of them over the years. I just don’t know which Romney is going to show up at the Oval Office every day; the Romney who ran to the left of Ted Kennedy in the 90s or the Romney who now calls himself the “ideal” tea party candidate. I’m all for those “road to Damascus” moments on a particular issue, but on almost all of them? It’s like a Damascus round-about.

Amen. Brokered convention, anybody? Bueller

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