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Bring on the Liberty Loss!

I was pretty sure I’d get an e-mail like this one in response to my piece today:

Those regulations you have to contend with sound onerous indeed.  If only we could have the alternative:


* More polluted air and water

* More dead children in automobile accidents

* The privilege of being uninsured and denied care

* More accidents due to inattentive drivers yapping on cell phones

* An unregulated financial system

* More meth labs

* More dead children due to flammable pajamas

* Private patient health data disclosed carelessly


That does sound good!


Come on — you’re a lawyer — your profession exists because it is painfully obvious that any gathering of two or more humans needs to enforce basic rules of behavior in order to survive and prosper.  The world’s more complicated than it was 250 years ago; today’s rules will naturally be more complicated, too.  You guys like to say that freedom isn’t free — well, some degree of support for the common good this is actually part of the price you pay for freedom.

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