Can You Ask Women to Be Modest?

Just one among the questions we address on Need to Know this week.

Social issues predominate as Jay and I consider the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. The term “pro-choice” is on the way out apparently, to be replaced by the more anodyne “women’s health.” Persisting in what the left would doubtless label a “war on women,” Jay and I consider the bona fides of pro-“women’s health” pin-up Wendy Davis and swing by Brooklyn to consider whether it’s okay for religious Jews to ask women to dress modestly in their shops.

As always, where left-wingers go there are irresponsible and disgusting charges of racism. Need to Know recalls some greatest hits, before moving on to the Christie/Cuomo contrast. We close by musing about heroes living and dead. Do join us.

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