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The Christie Boomlet

In the past 24 hours, there has been some Christie-for-veep speculation. If you’re a Christie fan, don’t get your hopes up. This morning, I spoke with some Christie insiders and they do not expect the Garden State governor to be picked. They didn’t rule it out — there is still an outside chance that Romney could call. But Christie has not been angling for the No. 2 spot, and Romney does not seem interested in tapping the former United States attorney. Over the past year, relations between Christie and Romney have been warm, but they have not become especially close, sources say. It’s more of a mutual respect, rather than a friendship. Christie, for what it’s worth, relishes being governor and is planning to run for reelection next year. If asked, he would almost certainly say yes, out of a sense of duty to party and country, but he is not waiting by the phone with bated breath, and he does not expect to be asked. The governor, more than anyone, knows that he doesn’t fit Boston’s VP mold. He’s too frank, too much an executive-type leader, and too extemporaneous. In short, veteran Trenton hands say, this latest boomlet is Beltway buzz from Christie fans, probably nothing more.

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