Cino Releases Third Plank

Maria Cino, a candidate for chair of the Republican National Committee, releases the third plank of her platform today. This one focuses on fundraising, a topic of concern among the RNC’s 168 members. Cino’s plan includes six points:

Two National Finance Co-Chairmen

• Appoint National Finance Co-Chairmen—two high-profile, aggressive fundraisers who will work hand-in-glove with my fundraising efforts as Chairman and with the RNC National Finance Committee;

Regional/State Finance Chairmen

• Develop and recruit six Regional Finance Chairmen to cover the entire country and work closely with state and regional leaders; 


RNC Finance Department

• Restructure and reorganize the Finance Department to ensure that the right people are in the right jobs, reduce consulting fees and commissions;

• Appoint a professional, proven Finance Director to work directly with the RNC Chairman, Finance Co-Chairmen and Regional Chairmen, and oversee program directors;


Major Donor Programs

• The major donor programs’ structure needs to be refreshed and rebuilt so we return at least to past levels, when 20 percent of RNC funds came from major donors at an average cost of 40 percent.  Compare that to current levels where major donors contribute only 10 percent at an average fundraising cost of 80 percent. 


Direct Mail, Phone and e-campaigns

• The RNC’s cost of fundraising has skyrocketed due to reliance on the high cost methods of direct mail and phone campaigns.  My first priority will be to review and re-establish a three-bid process for all fundraising vendors.  We need to make sure our vendors are working with us to cut costs.

• Clean up our lists to eliminate duplicates and update records. It is a waste of money to spend postage on potential donors who have passed away or have moved.  This is a simple concept but it will take hard work to clean a list of this size.

Joint Fundraising Agreements and Efforts

• Ask all 2012 Republican Presidential candidates to designate one giver/fundraiser to assist the RNC’s finance efforts. The RNC Finance Co-Chairmen will lead this group, with the goal of retiring RNC debt and fully funding the Presidential Trust account by the end of the presidential primaries. We cannot wait for a nominee to help raise Presidential Trust money; that will be too late. “The candidates for RNC Chairman know our financial status quo, and all promise to raise the funds needed to pay down our crippling debt and prepare for the 2012 elections,” Cino’s plan to RNC members states. “I offer more than promises: I offer definitive, proven proposals for how I will work with you to do it.”

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