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Civil Unions, Now the Slippery Slope

The tendency of gay-marriage advocates to ridicule as alarmist or uninformed all of their opponents arguments is unmatched — by any relationship to reality on the ground.

A few years ago, gay-marriage advocates claimed conservatives were just fearmongering when we said a federal marriage amendment could be necessary.

When people argued that civil unions were not a compromise, but just part of a very slippery slope to same-sex marriage, they were poo-pooed.

Professor Eugene Volokh, a supporter of same-sex marriage as a policy matter, picks up the most radical part of the Ninth Circuit decision: Alliance Defense Fund was right. Civil Unions lead to gay marriage.

Okay, he doesn’t say that part about ADF, but Prof. Volokh does say:

Note that, if the decision is upheld, this means that the arguments that civil unions are a “slippery slope” to same-sex marriage were absolutely right: The recognition of civil unions changed the legal landscape in a way that made it more likely for courts to also conclude that same-sex marriage must be recognized, too.

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