Claire Berlinski on Palin


In response to my posts of Thursday and Saturday, Claire Berlinski writes in:

Palin is probably the only GOP candidate Obama could beat right now. She runs, 90-year-olds who have never dreamt of voting in their lives will register for the first time to vote against her. And I wouldn’t blame them. I don’t hate her, as some think. I just cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would look at her and think, “I trust her to hold the most powerful office in America at a time of uniquely grave national peril.” It’s mind-boggling.

I confess that I am greatly surprised at the e-mail reaction I’ve received, overall, in response to my posts on this matter. There were significantly more conservatives who thanked me for raising issues about Palin’s qualifications (a typical theme of these writers was, I agree with almost everything she says, and she got a raw deal from the media in 2008, but she shouldn’t be president) than there were people who attacked me for being critical of her. So I am somewhat less confident of her inevitability than I was a few days ago; nonetheless, I remain convinced that she is the frontrunner.

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