Conservatism vs. Reform

At the top of Impromptus today, I cite some happy news: “School voucher bills flood GOP-led statehouses.” I call this a “fruit” of the 2010 elections. Republicans romped in those elections. They favor school reform. Hence, you have that “flood.”

But there are obstacles to reform. You got the teachers’ unions and their instrument, the Democratic party. And you got the innate conservatism of people.

It has happened time and time again: You put school reform before the public, and they vote against it. They reject it. Why? In large measure because they are conservative, in one sense of that word: distrustful of change, comfortable with the status quo. And they have a romantic view of what education was: the little red schoolhouse, a common, patriotic curriculum, and all that.

In this way is conservatism the friend of the reform-blocking Left. Think it would bother them to realize that?

P.S. I quote, or paraphrase, the great David Horowitz: If Republicans did to poor black and Hispanic kids what Democrats do to them, in condemning them to violent and worthless schools, they would be called the most racist people on earth.