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A Couple of Unconnected Thoughts.

First, K-Lo’s link to the NYTimes article on why the Yankees’ dysfunction is a good thing cracked me up. Nothing like setting expectations low at the beginning of a season. Second, Alex Massie’s review of the Python-related Spamalot on Broadway interested me (see the homepage), simply because I was one of those kids who could quote everything they ever did (and a chance encounter with Eric Idle in a hotel lobby is one of the more memorable brushes with greatness I’ve ever had — made even better because it was he that quoted Python to me in our short chat). But I’m not sure I want to see this new installment. Part of the Python greatness was the performances of the Pythons themselves — nothing like seeing Cleese’s silly walk. Yes, their writing was brilliant, but their acting out their bits was even more so. So I may take a pass on David Hyde Pierce’s take on Python, if you please.

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