Damn Those Pro Starvation Conservatives

Today’s G-File is in the bowels of NRO. As today is a NRDT production day, it may take the pixel-stained wretches a while to post it. In the meantime, the topic is about this whole Islam means peace business. I didn’t get to use this in the column but I thought some folks might find this discussion from my stint on last Sunday’s “Final Round” on CNN. I think Ms. Malveaux’s argumentation speaks for itself. You can find the full transcript <a href="http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0212/01/le.00.html

” target=”_blank”>here (scroll to bottom):

PETER BEINART: Look, conservatives don’t like the fact that a lot of liberals and a lot of people in the media say in a kind of superficial way, “Islam is a religion of peace,” because they think that’s the kind of nice thing to say. And that’s true, that’s a stupid thing to say because most of those liberals and people in the press don’t know anything about Islam.

But neither do the conservatives. It’s just as stupid to say Islam is not a religion of peace. If you can’t read the Koran in it’s original form, if you don’t know anything about the way — about the methodology in which you would even understand the Koran were you to try to read it, it’s nonsense. Everyone who knows anything about a religion knows that you can’t, in a two-second kind of way, try to encapsulate that religion. I wish we’d just get off this topic altogether.

JONAH GOLDBERG: Fair enough, Peter, and point taken. At the same time, I will have a lot more sympathy for the people who say Islam is a religion of peace if the people who believe it is a religion of peace, meaning moderate Arabs, moderate Muslims, come out and start denouncing the things that other Muslims are doing in their name.



MALVEAUX: Who is denouncing Christianity when it’s warful?[sic] Come on, you cannot have…


MALVEAUX: You cannot have a standard for people’s religions. You cannot do that. That is just so absurd.

ROBERT GEORGE: Julianne, how about the fatwah that was put against the woman who wrote about the beauty pageant in Nigeria? Where are the moderate Muslim leaders saying that it is wrong to basically put a death sentence on a writer because they write about a beauty pageant?

MALVEAUX: Oh, well, what about the utter starvation that conservatives impose on poor people?

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