A Date in Minneapolis

This coming Friday, I will be in Minneapolis, speaking at a lunchtime event. Will I announce my candidacy against Senator Al Franken? I wish. Wrong state. I’m from Michigan. (Unelectable there, too.) No, I will be speaking about my new book at a luncheon hosted by the Center of the American Experiment and Power Line. For the center’s info-and-registration page, go here. For a note penned by Power Line’s Scott Johnson, go here.

As I think about it, I have not been to the Twin Cities, except for the airport, since the Republican convention in 2008. Once again, the GOP failed to nominate me for president. And they lost, see?

Anyway, I look greatly forward to being in Minneapolis, and particularly to being with my friends the Johnsons. Also, there’s a rumor that there’ll be a video interview with the Legendary Lileks.

P.S. When I was growing up, Minneapolis-St. Paul meant two things to me, principally: Rod Carew and the Twins, and Stanislaw Skrowaczewski and the Minnesota Orchestra. I didn’t want the Twins to beat my Tigers, but I loved Carew. And we got Skrowaczewski and the orchestra on the radio.

P.P.S. Remember what they called Burger and Blackmun? “The Minnesota Twins.” Only it didn’t work out that way, in practice . . .

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