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A Death of a Marriage

I’m sad to say it, but at this point, 24 and I are just staying together for the kids. We’ve had a lot of laughs, shared some difficult times, too (who can forget gassing Edgar?), but now, we just live together in a big empty house and don’t have much to say to one another. Last night, Jack wore a Clark Kent disguise, posing as an American-accented German (Hey, Dick Van Dyke can speak cockney, why can’t Hans Bauer speak Californese?) with some hip glasses, and it sadly worked. There’s still Renee, but she’s a little too committed to the job (if you know what I mean) to love as much as last season. And CTU still could use a good internal-security director. Sadly, Jack hasn’t really killed anyone this season — at least not anyone memorable. I suppose we’ll see it through for the sake of old times, but the thrill is definitely gone.

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