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Defending David Frum

Jonah: The substantive attacks on David Frum consist of this: Having been unexpectedly sacked by his employers, he has theorized that donor pressures might be involved. I cannot believe that any human being under the circumstances would not wonder about it. Well, perhaps David is wrong; AEI will survive this surmise.

To attack his character the way people have is wrong, untrue, and ugly. For myself, I should say that David has always seemed to me, well, a little on the Canadian side in his outlook (I expect he’s a pariah there for his views). But Rich Vigilante is right; as a movement, we owe him an enormous debt – for the Supreme Court we have, if no other reason. Gratitude, if not friendship, requires that we reject the attacks on his character.

The conservatism that David Frum is looking for strikes me as both improbable and undesirable. But he is working for the good of his country. The Left and the MSM has seized on this as more Evidence the Right is Opposed to Science. Well fine, but I don’t want to put the Left in charge of truth, including the truth about David Frum.

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