Dem Senators to George Will: Stop Treating Sexual Assault as ‘Socially Acceptable’

Yesterday, I wrote about widespread backlash to George Will’s column about sexual assault on college campuses. Not only has Will generated ire from fellow commentators, but even attracted the attention of Democratic lawmakers.

And now more Democratic politicians are starting to pay attention: After senators Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York tweeted out their disapproval earlier this week, three others senators joined Blumenthal in sending Will a letter to condemn him.

California’s Dianne Feinstein, Pennsylvania’s Bob Casey, and Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin, along with Blumenthal, accused Will and his “ancient beliefs” of “treating this crime [of sexual assault] as a socially acceptable phenomenon.”

“In this instance, your writing, which purports to be based on finding accurate facts and figures, has not only shown a fundamental disrespect to survivors, but also includes a harmful rhetoric that has made addressing this issue so difficult,” the senators write. They go on to challenge him to join their efforts in meeting with victims of sexual assault to hear their stories.

Amid calls for the Washington Post to fire Will or apologize for his column, the newspaper has stood by the longtime columnist, with the editor saying the column “was well within bounds of legitimate debate on an important topic.”

Via Mediaite.

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