DeMint Group Launches Delaware Ad

It features a nice illustration of Chris Coons (Christine O’Donnell’s opponent in Delaware) as Reid’s pet:

If you want to know all about Coons, I’ve got a backgrounder on the home page today. It includes this bit, which I haven’t seen reported elsewhere in the national press:

4. Politicized hiring and firing: Coons is running as a good-government liberal who will clean up Washington, promising to introduce a law restricting lobbying by former lawmakers. But as county executive, Coons engineered the dismissal of a political opponent’s brother in a manner that, had a Republican done it, would have prompted liberals to cry scandal. In 2004, Coons beat Sherry Freebery in the Democratic primary for county executive. Freebery’s brother, a county manager, had supported her campaign. When Coons took office, he pushed state lawmakers to change the status of county managers from merit-based positions to political appointments, according to the News Journal. As soon as the legislature made the change, Coons fired Freebery’s brother. This kind of thing formed the basis of the allegations of politicized hiring and firing against George W. Bush’s Justice Department and against Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska, but Coons apparently gets a pass because he’s a Democrat.

Patterico also has a Coons piece up today, “Leftist Activist in Delaware: Chris Coons Harassed Me Due to My Political Activism,” worth checking out.