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Democracy in Action Cont’d

Some very vexed liberal readers want to know what I’m trying to say with the video posted below. Truth be told I am not trying to say anything too profound. The video is making the rounds and I thought it was interesting and even newsworthy. I think the “security” workers are sort of lame. Clearly, Obama needs to beef up funding on that civilian security force he keeps talking about. But spare me the indignation about racism this and racism that. I can guarantee you that if two similarly thuggish white “security” workers for McCain were hanging around to guard against  ”enemy sabatoge” the Josh Marshall crowd would be screaming bloody murder about voter intimidation, the return of Jim Crow and all the rest.

For the record, I don’t know if the jokers in the video are in fact members of the New Black Panther Party. But as someone who considers the Black Panthers to be a quintessentially fascistic organization, I don’t share some of the admiration and radical chic enchantment for the group that some readers seem to. The original Black Panthers were band of racist, criminal, anti-American, treasonous murderers. Playing dress-up games and calling yourself the “New Black Panther Party” may make you dorkier than the original band of thugs, but it doesn’t make you much more admirable.

Update: Apparently the guy with the billy club is the head of the NBPP. Follow the link, he’s a piece of work.

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