Det Er Fortsatt Hytter Tilgjengelig!

That’s Norwegian (duh!!) for “There are still cabins available.” But the folks from Stavanger (or the Google Translator) would add, “men bare et fåtall” — but only a few.

A few? Available for what? For the National Review 2013 Norwegian Fjords Cruise, scheduled for August 1–8 on Holland America Line’s luxurious Eurodam. Be with us at it sails from Amsterdam, “scenic cruising” Norway’s spectacular fjord-adorned coastline, and visiting the delightful and charming ports of Bergen, Flam, Eidfjord, and Stavanger. And you will do all that in the company of nearly three dozen leading conservatives, including Allen West, Paul Johnson, Daniel Hannan, Ralph Reed, Jonah Goldberg, Michael Novak, Anthony Daniels, John Sununu, Cal Thomas, Dick Morris, Rich Lowry, John O’Sullivan, John Fund, James Lileks, James Pethokoukis, David Pryce-Jones, Jay Nordlinger, Kevin D. Williamson, Jim Geraghty, Robert Costa, Ramesh Ponnuru, John Podhoretz, John Hillen, John J. Miller, Rob Long, Andrew Stiles, Charles Cooke, Daniel Mahoney, Cleta Mitchell, Victor Sperandeo, Edward Whelan, and Eliana Johnson. And Kaj Relwof. There are just a few (about ten) cabins left, so grab one of them, and the experience of a lifetime, at our dedicated complete-information website,

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