I’m nearing the end of a vacation, so I’ve stayed out of the Corner for the most part. But tonight after we came back from dinner, my wife said “look at this.” On her iPad was the Washington Post’s homepage. One of the headlines reads:

Police: Suspect disagreed with Family Research Council

“Disagreed”? The suspect shot someone. “Disagreed”!? Why so bombastic? Why not say that the would-be killer “had a different perspective’?

Now, I can’t really complain when authorities or newspapers (not the same thing) err on the side of caution. Nonetheless, I can’t help but be angry when the press exercises caution so selectively. I find it very hard to believe that a similar suspect entering the offices of a more politically correct organization would earn such restraint.

Media criticism is never the most important part of the story. The crime and the victims are the real story. Still, I thought it worth mentioning.

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