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The Eagle Has Landed

. . . and he has a big carbon footprint. President Obama touted this morning’s tour of a plug-in Chevy Volt plant as a look at our “clean energy future.” But how does the president’s travel schedule in and out of Detroit square with such utopian happy-talk? At The Michigan, we have the White House “Daily Guidance and Press Schedule,” with commentary. A sampling:

9:30AM: THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base, South Lawn

(COMMENT: This via a large military chopper to Andrews just south of the D.C. beltway. About 15 minutes burning 1320 gallons of fuel, or about 6,270 pounds of carbon.)

9:45AM: THE PRESIDENT departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Detroit, Michigan

(COMMENT: This via Air Force One, a Boeing 747. Fuel consumoption: A gallon of jet fuel per second. For an 80 minute flight to Detroit, that is 110.400 pounds of carbon burned. Or 220,800 for the round trip)

11:05AM: THE PRESIDENT arrives in Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport

(COMMENT: Where he climbs aboard “Cadillac One,” the biggest prez limo ever. Armored. Maybe 10 mpg. Towing more SUVs behins in multi-car motorcade.)

More here.

Henry Payne — Henry Payne is the auto critic for the Detroit News.

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