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‘The Election Is Over’

The Left for months has been trying to convince the world (and perhaps themselves) that the election is already over. The not terribly prescient Cenk Uygur proclaimed “The Election Is Already Over” weeks ago. The hysterical ninnies at Salon proclaimed the Republican convention a “bust” and a “debacle” from which there would be no recovery, while the foresight-challenged American Prospect declared Florida all but lost to Romney, and his campaign effectively over:  “I honestly doubt that Romney can recover from the damage of the last month,” Jamelle Bouie opined. “If he does, the most he can do is make Florida a toss-up again.” In reality, a recent poll now has Romney up by 7 points in Florida. (The polls, of course, are a mixed bunch.) David Rothkopf, writing in Foreign Policy, boldly declared: “The Election Is Over: The only remaining step is watching as the clock strikes midnight after Election Day is done and Mitt Romney disappears from the American political scene like Cinderella’s coach.” In retrospect, perhaps that pumpkin metaphor was ill chosen. MSNBC commentator Donny Deutsch called the election over on Morning Joe. Even noted political savant Ben Affleck declared the election over.

But the election was not over.

It is very likely that the election will be decided by the strength of Mitt Romney’s field operations in Florida and Ohio, and perhaps in a few other close states. Which is to say, the question probably will be decided by whether Romney really is the top-shelf executive and manager he says he is. But one thing is sure: The Left wishes this election already were over, and is hoping that Republicans can be convinced they’ve already lost despite all the evidence that they are winning. My own suspicion is that President Obama’s partisans understand at some inadmissible level that he deserves to lose, given the incompetence of his administration, the stagnant economy, and our serial humiliations abroad. The media cocoon enfolding the president is thick, but not so thick as to protect him from all that. If the Democrats lose, it will be hard for them, but it will be harder still knowing that they deserved to lose. 

Winning will be no bed of roses, either: The economic growth rate in January 2013 probably will be approaching zero, our international standing has been diminished by Obama’s clumsiness and timidity, and our fiscal position is untenable. Romney is working very hard to secure for himself a big box of insoluble problems.

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