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Emperor. Clothes. None.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, has, it seems, been rumbled (again). The Sunday Telegraph reports:


Dozens of MPs are threatening to vote against the Coalition on Europe this week, as David Cameron unveils new laws ensuring that any future transfer of power to Brussels is subject to a referendum. The Prime Minister will attempt to reassert his eurosceptic credentials by launching an EU Bill promising MPs and the British people their say on any proposed transfer of sovereignty to the European Union.


But the move was condemned last night as a “cosmetic gesture” by Tory MPs who are still furious that Mr Cameron reneged on a pledge to hold a referendum on the controversial Lisbon Treaty, which has already transferred key powers to EU control.


The Prime Minister is coming under increasing pressure not to wave through revisions to the Treaty being demanded by France and Germany. More than two dozen Tory MPs have signed a protest motion and up to 50 could vote against the Government during a key debate on Wednesday asking MPs to approve the Treaty amendments, which give the EU the ability to oversee the budgets of member states…


…Mr Cameron has been under increasing pressure from Tory MPs concerned about an apparent lack of action by the Coalition to curb EU power. In opposition, the Tory leader promised to repatriate several key powers from Brussels, including an opt-out in areas of EU social and employment legislation, a return of criminal justice powers, and a complete opt-out from the EU’s charter of fundamental rights. But there has been little movement on those issues. Many Tories were incandescent when the Coalition government rubber stamped the European External Action Service, a foreign ministry and diplomatic corps for the European Union to implement a common foreign and security policy. Mr Cameron also agreed to an extension of the European arrest warrant and EU regulatory control over the City of London. Last month eurosceptic Tories accused the Prime Minister of grandstanding after he said he wanted the 2011 EU budget frozen, then agreed to a rise that will cost the UK an extra £450m a year…



Worth adding to the rap sheet is Cameron’s endorsement of EU membership for Turkey, a grotesque idea that, if it ever happened, would, by dint of the size of Turkey’s population, represent an enormous transfer of sovereignty (de facto if not de jure) from Britain. It should not be acceptable without a referendum within the UK. Cameron has offered none.


And this man is supposed to be some sort of a model for the GOP? Extraordinary.

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