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Ex-Washington Redskins Player Tells Harry Reid to Buzz Off

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) needs to stop criticizing the Washington Redskins, a former cornerback for the team told National Review Online.

“How many days did Harry Reid play in the NFL?” state representative Scott Turner, an eight-year NFL veteran, said to NRO after speaking at the RedState Gathering in 2014. “Enough said. I played for the Redskins. Everybody that wants to get a part of the dialogue on this — there’s no reason for them to change their name, it’s a tradition.”

Turner’s endorsement comes as the University of Minnesota is asking the team ”to wear vintage uniforms and helmets that do not feature the name or American Indian head logo,” as NRO’s Andrew Johnson noted.

“The Washington Redskins is a tradition, a long-standing tradition,” Turner emphasized. “It seems to me that the Senate has far more important issues to be concerned about than the name of an NFL team, period.”

Turner wants to be speaker of the Texas House, but he fired up the RedState crowd with a nationally-focused speech.

“I thought my purpose to come here was to engage and to encourage people as a whole, and not just from a political standpoint but from a life standpoint,” he explained. “You can only talk about politics so much, but at some point you’ve got to talk about real life issues and that’s people, the heart of people, and that’s what my aim was.”

“Ladies and gentleman, there’s a great battle going on for the very soul of our country,” Turner said during the speech, prompting one of several interruptions for applause. “And this battle is not just between political parties or factions within political parties; this battle is between right and wrong, good and evil, darkness and light.” 

Turner said that “many people in our society feel hopeless” because they’ve lost faith in government, but suggested that people should have faith in God rather than government. 

“[America is] special because of our ability to be self-governing,” he said.

Texas’ national reputation as a conservative state hasn’t stopped Turner from running for House speaker as a conservative reformer.

“We’ve done some good conservative things in Texas, but when you start peeling back the onion, we’ve got a lot of work to do in issues like school choice and educational opportunities,” Turner told NRO. “We have several hundred thousand kids in our state that are stuck in school districts in schools that are underperforming. And so, to have that debate, to give those kids and their parents the choice to send them to the best educational institution that fits them is something that we need to do.” 

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