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Farage and UKIP Rising

Here’s a terrific recent speech to the European Parliament, with Nigel Farage masterfully explaining the inherent flaw in the EU — the elimination of the nation-state. He really is one of the most natural, authentic politicians on the English-speaking stage.

​But for Farage, and the United Kingdom Independence party which he heads​, there is a much more important matter than the EU’s DNA: the upcoming EU elections, now less than three weeks off. New polls show that UKIP is going to rock the British political-media establishment, which is outraged by Farage’s appeal (leading, of course, to a relentless he’s-a-racist chorus) and petrified that the upset he might be bringing about will result in the Downton Abbey servants moving upstairs.

New polls show UKIP in front and with support increasing: One has UKIP at 36 percent, Labour 27 percent, Conservatives 18 percent, Lib-Dems 8 percent, and another, quite similar, has it at UKIP 38, Labour 27, Conservatives 18, Lib-Dems 8. This could turn into a spectacular bloodbath for the Tories.

Partly behind UKIP’s political success is a powerful image campaign, which seems to be resonating widely amongst dissatisfied and disaffected voters (including those who long ago threw in the towel, but are now coming back to ballot box). The latest UKIP billboard, popping up across the British landscape today, mixes the hot-button immigration issue with the white Cliffs of Dover. See for yourself:

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