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Friday links

The anniversary of Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech.

Weird and Fascinating Ways Animals Use Poop.

The Origins of 10 Great Insults.

Beefcake alert from 1970’s Spain.

Just How Much Pee Is In That Pool?

When Bowling Was a Sport Reserved for Royalty.

ICYMI, Thursday’s links are here, and include the history of washing machines, a roundup of recommendations for beer, wine and whiskey pairings to drink with Girl Scout cookies, why some animals kill each other after sex, and Dr. Seuss’s little-known book of nudes.

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My American Dream

This morning, at 8 a.m., I did something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember: I became an American. I first applied for a visa in early 2011, and since then I have slowly worked my way through the system — first as a visa-holder, then as a permanent resident (green card), and, finally, as a ... Read More

The Gun-Control Debate Could Break America

Last night, the nation witnessed what looked a lot like an extended version of the famous “two minutes hate” from George Orwell’s novel 1984. During a CNN town hall on gun control, a furious crowd of Americans jeered at two conservatives, Marco Rubio and Dana Loesch, who stood in defense of the Second ... Read More